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Pioneer Corporation is a leader in optical disc technology and a preeminent manufacturer of high performance audio, video and computer equipment, car and industrial market. Since Pioneer establish in 1938, we aim to bring the high quality audio and video to user's application environment. No matter for consumer, commercial and industrial electronic products, Pioneer always promise with the leading technology and mature product to the market.

In 1979, Pioneer introduced the Laser Disc Player first ever in the world, since then we have continuously developed world first ODD products. The history of optical disc drives is exactly Pioneer's history. We are confident we definitely will be able to keep on going as the market leader.

Please take a look at our Company slogan - Sound, Vision and Soul.
With simple three words, this is our truly heart and principle for every Pioneer staff in the world to follow. We will bring vivid sound as audio product, true color picture as video and display product to people. With this beautiful sound and vision, we hope our product to fruitful people's life.