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2016/1/8 下
Important Notice for Fake Pioneer DVR-219CH
Dear Valued Supporters of Pioneer , Non-authentic DVR-219CHV has been found recently with a fals......
BDR-207EBK Press Release
[Purpose] Pioneer will launch internal BD/DVD/CD Writer for Windows “BDR-207EBK”, the first PC dri......
Pioneer Slim External DVD Writer The lightest, most stylish and user-friendly device of all time!
Measuring just 133 x 14.8 x 133mm and weighing only 240g, the DVR-XD10T is an elegant, compact and l......
Pioneer Sponsors Top Japanese Idol Group To Go Abroad For The First Time!
Top Japanese idol group of the 21st century ‘SMAP’ will have their first worldwide concert in Beijin......
Purchasing Notice
Recently, it is revealed that counterfeit Pioneer optical products are available in some markets. He......
Pioneer Releases World’s First Multi-Layer Blu-ray Writer
– Records to ‘XL’ media up to 128GB –
10 December 2010: Pioneer today announces that its launching the world’s first Blu-ray Multi-Layer w......